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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great!

We're Expecting!!!

And it's a GIRL!

Due: July 13, 2011
Current Status: 23 weeks

Telling Rocky
November 13, 2010

This story is hilarious! It's funny how you expect a different reaction and they end up reacting in a way that only they would.

I'd already waited 5 days to tell him so I couldn't wait any longer. He'd just gotten home from a 12-hr nightshift. I was up getting ready to go to our Primary Program rehearsal.

I put this bear in the nightstand right next to phone, figuring he'd want to check his phone before going to sleep. I was wrong. I was in the bathroom getting ready; waiting for him to say something or for a reaction of some sort. Instead I peeked out of the bathroom after a minute, he was laying on the bed. He told me to come sit by him for a minute. I asked him if he'd seen his present by his phone. He said no. I told him to get it. He grabbed the bear and read what it said. He was like, "Number one Dad... who's going to be?" I said, "You're going to be." He said, "Really?!" Then he raised his hand and said, "High Five!" OH MY! Not what I was going for! I said, "Really, a high five?"

He apologized for it later! It was really funny!

Telling the Families

We decided to wait until we were mostly done with the first trimester before telling our families. I really debated telling them at Thanksgiving partly because I'd have the opportunity to tell my grandparents in Montana in person. We decided that was too soon to tell them because I would've only been 7 weeks along. So we waited until Christmas!

We bought two pairs of red baby socks; one set for each Mom.

With Rocky's family: suspicions were high! :) It'd been hard to keep the baby (and Rocky's new job) a secret! I figured that Krin knew something was up! Anyways, we decided to wait until the very end to give Cathie the gift. However, a few minutes earlier, Rocky and I had opened a gift from each other. He'd gotten me a new video camera bag and his brother asked if it was a diaper bag and if we were trying to make an announcement! Surprise almost blown! We said no, it's a camera bag for the new video camera we got.

When Cathie opened the socks, she said, "So this is the announcement." Then Rocky announced that he got the job!

With my family: as soon as we arrived I said I wanted to open presents now! I called Dad and told him to come on so we could open the presents! My Mom was like ok... When we got everyone together, we started with Varcy and worked our way up. It was kind of tough when we got to Mom and Dad because I gave Dad his gift first. Mom was confused. After Mom opened her official Christmas present (a duffel bag), I threw her the other gift and told her it went with her bag (not really but the bag was red).

She opened it. April was sitting next to her and she started screaming. My Mom said, "Really?!" Amber asked, "Who are those going to fit?" :) Oh my, she's funny! Then Rocky said, "And I got the job in California." I know, we were mean; his idea though to announce both things. Next thing, April's crying, then Mom started crying. :( Then the hugs!

My Dad was running around saying, "I'm going to be a Grandpa!" :) It was the best!

I'm so very thankful for this wonderful opportunity to become a mom and to build our family. I know there are so many great people out there that want kids and either aren't able to have them or struggle for some time to get them. We are so very blessed in the fact that it happened quickly (Heavenly Father probably knew I'd start to freak out if it hadn't) and the pregnancy has been just fine. The fact that I barely had a hint of morning sickness has been great! Just got to eat and I'm fine. :) We've also been blessed in the fact that nothing serious happened to any of us during the accident.

All-in-all, VERY BLESSED!!!


Krin said...

Loved all the posts! We miss you guys and are glad you all are ok from the accident. Congrats again on the little girl that is very exciting! I need to call and chat with you real soon! Take care.

kay said...

Thanks Krin! I know we need to catch up! :)