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All Natural Beauty Tips: For Best Results Use Daily

~Attractive Lips: For attractive lips, speak only kind words. "My lips shall not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit." Job 27:4
~Beautiful Eyes: For beautiful eyes, look for the good. If you look for the good, it'll reflect back on you. "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." D&C 18:10
~Proper Rest: Sweet dreams bring beautiful tomorrows! "Cease to sleep longer than is needful; retired to thy bed early that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated." D&C 88:124
~Daily Cleansing: A daily program of cleansing helps eliminate blemishes. Daily Cleansing keeps your skin beautiful and helps to eliminate blemishes. Daily Repentance and committment to keep the commandments, keeps you free from the blemish of sin. "Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from sin." Psalms 51:2
~Drink Plenty of Water: Pure water cleanses the body. The well of living water purifies the soul. Drink freely from the well of water that leads to eternal life. "But the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." John 4:14
~Good Posture: Stand Tall, you are a Daughter of God. Walk with knowledge that you'll never walk alone. "Do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you..." D&C 68:6

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Update!

Preggo Pics

19 weeks
26 weeks
28 weeks [and 4 days to be exact]

Well, they're not the best pictures but they'll do.

Let's see, as for everything else, things have been going pretty good. Time has seemed to go slower since we wrecked our car but at the same time it's still going relatively fast. I was 20 weeks [the half mark] when we wrecked. I know technically I could deliver in less than 10 weeks which is unbelievable, just as of now, it seems like the first half went by faster but I'm sure I'll think it all went by extremely fast once she gets here.

I get to officially meet my doctor at my appointment next week so I'm looking forward to that. I had a glucose test and my results came back normal so that was definitely good news. I had to go back in because they forgot to do a CBC [complete blood count] test at the same time as the glucose test. I had blood drawn out of the same arm twice in less than 2 weeks. The second time definitely wasn't as pleasant. It wasn't horrible; I'm lucky because I know there are lots of people that get jabbed lots because the nurses can't find a vein. With the second one, the guy didn't want to draw blood from the exact same spot [you could still see the spot where they'd drawn from the first time]. So he tried for a different vein and went at an angle and shifted the needle while in the vein. I still have a scratch-looking line from it. I used to be terribly afraid of needles [just ask my mom]. Since college, I'd decided I could handle it, well in my arm. I don't know why but when I saw the guy that was going to draw my blood, I got nervous. Not nearly as bad as I was when I was younger; but the fear of needles was slowly making its way back and I was fighting it best I could. The guy could tell I was nervous though and I told him it was because I'd just gotten my blood drawn so I wasn't super excited about it, when in truth he was the one making me nervous. Maybe it was that he looked so young [he was 20], I don't know but after I was done I figured my being nervous was justified! I had a sense that this blood draw wouldn't be as "nice" as the previous one.

Anyway, everything else has been great! I've been super lucky/blessed! I know lots of women go through beyond terrible pregnancies and I'm so thankful that for me it's been pretty much just my belly growing. Well I think I look like I've gained in my face too but as long as I have a healthy baby, I'll attempt to take care of those issues later. I think I hit 20 lbs. gain last week so I think I've been doing alright. I know I'll probably gain quite a bit coming up, according to books and all, but that's ok. I am in the 3rd trimester, which puts it in perspective how close it really is, and I suppose that's when the baby grows the most so we'll see how I look towards the end. :)

What's been happening in Cali....

Well, things are definitely different out here in the state of California. Even though Rocky served his mission out here, a lot of the crazy things I've seen have all been new to him as well. I don't even know where to start. This post will probably be very sporadic and random so just a warning.

  • While heading back from another bout with "rental car hell" at the Sacramento Airport, I saw a truck (kind of like a Uhaul) tip over while turning on an on-ramp. I thought the truck was hauling hay so I thought a bale of hay had fallen off the truck. We were just about to go under the overpass that this truck was on so I didn't see the whole scene. While the scene was in our "blind spot," I told Rocky that I thought something was going to tip off of a truck (a hay bale). After we'd gotten to the other side, I looked back and the truck was on its side. Luckily it was on the far side of the on-ramp so it didn't tip over onto another car since it was a two-laner.

  • Going into the church, there was a pizza delivery guy walking in at the same time as us. Not only is it Sunday, but Fast Sunday. He walks in and finds a lady in the hall and asks if she knows a "Katie." The lady looked bewildered and the guy said well she ordered a pizza here, and the lady said, "Here? At the church?!" It was SO funny!

Now on to other things that have been happening...

  • Rocky got his work truck finally. We were in a total of 4 rental cars since driving out here: a red (toyota camry) i think; black Chrysler 300; black Chevy Cobalt; and silver Ford Fusion. The 300 and Fusion were very nice but let's just say I'll be good to not deal with rental cars for a good amount of time.

  • I got called to teach the 4 year-olds in Primary. It's amazing the gap between the 4-5 yr-olds and 5-6 yr-olds!!! I've figured out that I need to have something to keep their attention by having them work towards something for at the end of class. I hope that makes sense. I'm sure it'll will get easier as soon as I get in a groove of how to "teach" them. Lesson-related activities will be the key but it's tough finding the right ones to do and ones that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

  • I found a good doctor and good hospital. We took a tour of the hospital when it had an open house a few weeks ago and it was a very nice facility.

Well, I think that bout does it for this post. Baby post next.