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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Great Alaskan Cruise

This post is well overdue!!! Part of it is because we don't have internet (because I don't want to pay for it). Anyways, this was a lot of fun! I have SO many pictures so to make it easier to share them, I made a bunch of slideshows! :)

Seattle ~ The Beginning and Ending of the Journey

We flew in from Boise and stayed at a hotel where I'd actually stayed when I played at UVSC and we came to play UW [we got spanked haha]. Anyways, while there, we ate at Ivar's Fish Bar [luckily they had chicken that me and Granddaddy shared]. Then we took the ferry to Bainbridge. The next day before getting on the ship, we went to the Space Needle since we hadn't gone in our past trips. Then boarded the ship.

Aboard the Norwegian Star

The ship was HUGE! Dad and I couldn't get over how huge it was. I couldn't believe how much the ship cost either: think it was 40 million [I thought it was only 5]. It was crazy! There was SO much food! There were also: lounges, restaurants, gift shops... it was insane how much stuff and how many people were on the ship.
Aunt Cheri was my roomie, Krista and Michael had a room down the hall from us. My parents had a nice balcony room just kiddie-corner from us. The best part about that was you knew what time of day it was. In our room, no windows so had no clue!
Funny story: we were waiting for our dinner table. The daycare on the ship was coming through with a bunch of little ones and they were singing "If you're happy." They made me one of their princesses [they were dressed up as princes and princesses] and then started the verse of "shake your butt." So I joined in with them as I was standing in front of an elevator. Well, the elevator stopped and the doors opened to me "dancing" and singing. It was very embarassing but really funny.

Ketchikan ~ First Stop

We went on a Horsedrawn Trolley which was fun! Some of the "streets" there were stairs going up the hills! People who lived towards the top of the street would have to haul any big items up those "streets." Dang! Saw lots of salmon, an old brothel that is now a museum, and a mexican restaurant that had the "Best Pizza in Town."

The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan

This was AWESOME! The guys were divided into teams [one representing USA, the other Canada]. They would taunt each other; it was very funny. The audience was divided in half and cheered for their designated team. We had Canada. It was fun to hear them talk too! Everytime a team won a competition, they'd take a big woodchip to their fan section [which were souvenirs for the kids] to count at the end to see which team had won. One guy tried carving a bunny. The host told him it wasn't the greatest so he started carving more away. When he was done, it ended up being a little chair that he gave to a little girl in the audience. Then had her stick her tongue out at the USA side. It took a lot of persuasion for her to do it! I got all their autographs after the show so maybe they'll get me some good money someday! :) haha

Juneau ~ Second Stop

On the way to Juneau, we had to go off course a little bit because a teenager who was allergic to peanuts ate a cookie with peanuts in it. Luckily he was alright and we made it to Juneau in good time. At Juneau, we didn't have much time. We went on a tour of the city and went to the Mendenhall Glacier.

The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

The glacier was so big and blue! It was very pretty! We also saw ducks, salmon, and a black bear while there. After that, the bus took us right to the ship which was great because most of the tours made you get on another bus about 2 miles away from the ship.

Skagway & The White Pass Yukon Route Railroad ~ Third Stop

The city was really tiny and the train ride was great! It was very pretty and relaxing! :) One of the interesting things was the cemetary there. There were picket fences around some of the graves/plots. I wish we would've had time to look at that more. Also, there was a grave down the hill by the railroad where a huge boulder had fallen on two guys [a long time ago]. Instead of moving the boulder to get their bodies, they left things how they were and put up a black cross to mark their grave. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that. We went into Canada to turn around.

Prince Rupert, Canada in Cow Bay ~ Fourth Stop

There wasn't much here but everything was painted "cow." Now I can say I've been out of the country!

It was great to spend time with my parents, grandparents, aunt, cousin and her husband. I wish my hubby would've been able to come! Maybe someday we'll be able to go on a big trip! :)

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