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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, so it's time to spill the beans!!!
Rocky was offered and accepted a job at ATI, a titanium purification plant, as a Production Technician!!! Rock will be making sure that everything works because from what I understand machines have to do the "purifying" process so that's what he'll be doing I think... :)
This past week was a crazy one, full of ups and downs. Mostly ups though! Since I'm a worry-wart/fretter as most know, basically the whole week was stressful for me.
Monday, my Grandma Jean called me and told me about an option that would allow me to go on a cruise with my grandparents, parents, aunt, and my cousin and her husband. I was able to work out a sweet deal and now I get to go on the cruise to Alaska! That was exciting!
Tuesday, we were informed that the company's branch that Rocky was working for was shutting down and long story short, we had to find another place to live by next Tuesday. Rocky'd been having a hard time at this job because things just weren't working out and it was really discouraging so he'd been wanting to be done with this work anyways. I've been working for the same company in the office as a night manager/receptionist/scheduler so that was taking some of the financial stress off.
Wednesday, we found out we had to be out by Sunday, so basically Saturday. So we immediately started looking for a place to move to.
Rocky was officially offered on Thursday, July 15. It was amazing how things just fell into place and happened so quickly! Of course, I was nervous the whole time. That same day, we looked at a townhouse in a location that would be perfect for Rocky's job because he needed to be near the interstate to commute to his job. It was really nice and an upgrade from an apartment (Rocky begged me to look for something other than an apartment because he was done with living in apartments; I agreed). It had 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, laundry room w/ full-size washer and dryer, small kitchen, living room and a garage! And it was cheaper than the 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment we were currently in! Crazy I know!!! Anyways, went through all the details and got the paperwork going and passed! So we got a lease set up!
Friday, we played beach volleyball in the morning and went to pool to cool down with some of the company's workers and with Krin, Elsie and Krin's sister Megan and her little boy Judson. Then we packed up and cleaned. Then came to work while Rocky went to the mall to get everything in order for us to get the couch(es) we'd picked out for when we were able to get them.
Saturday, Rocky and Court went and got the couch while me, Cathie, and Krin loaded the other vehicles. While our help was getting food, Rocky turned in the keys from our old apartment and I headed to the office of our new place to sign the lease. Some delays came up which irritated me, which was easily done that week but we finally got the keys and unloaded everything in the garage and kitchen because they'd just cleaned the carpets and they were soaked! I'm happy they were cleaned but we couldn't do anything. Good thing we were leaving that night and wouldn't be back til the next day. After getting everything unloaded, we went to check out Court and Krin's potential new house! It was really nice and kind of out in the country! I can't wait to see the finished product because the contractor is still finishing up stuff. Then we went to their house that they're selling to wait for Arne to get back from seeing Glenn Beck. While waiting we were trying to figure out a way to get our stuff in our storage unit down. Luckily, Court's realtor had a trailer and he let us use it and Court was able to drive it up and back with his truck which saved us in more ways than one. When Cathie and Arne got back, we went and ate at Red Robin and took Arne to see the new places. The carpet still wasn't dry. ha. Then drove north.
Sunday, we loaded the trailer with all our stuff so we'd be able to get rid of the storage unit (one less expense). Then got ready and went to my sister's patriarchal blessing. After we ate we ate lunch with a family who's been friends with our family for quite awhile. Their 11 year-old son Dillon had a pet ball python (SNAKE) and he brought it out for us to see. Amber held the thing! Yikes! I'd touch it but I wouldn't hold it! Touching it was definite progress since I'm terrified of snakes! While we getting ready to leave, Varcy convinced Dillon to hold the snake in front of my face. I was in the middle of talking to Dillon's dad and when I realized it was there, I screamed and ran away! LOL! I can't handle them anywhere near my face! Getting the "willies" just thinking about it! Oh the snake's name was Demetri (it really is a girl but they thought it was a boy when they first got when Dillon was in kindergarden, I can't believe he's had it that long). After we left, we took a back highway home since traffic was backed up on the main one. It took awhile to get home but it was fun to see what was in the area. We got home and waited for Court to come with the trailer. While we waited we put together our couch which took awhile. Court showed up with friends from the Elder's Quorum and helped unload everything and set up beds! It was done fast so their help was very much appreciated. Then we went to bed!
Monday, Rocky got all our utilities in order, then got his physical for his job. Now everything was in order and I was a lot better!!
I'll post some pictures of the new place as soon as it's in order. It's still got a bunch of stuff in random places.
I want to thank everyone who's been praying for us and to those who've helped us! I also want to say how important prayer, fasting and tithing is! These things helped us get to this point and it's been amazing! I know for a fact that the statement, "You can't afford not to pay tithing," is so true! The day I mailed the tithing, Rocky got a phone call for an interview! Praying has helped me get through the waiting period and a lot of things and it truly is amazing! I know that Heavenly Father knew of our struggles and that He was there/is for me! He really is! It's so crazy to think that now a possibility is reality and we can move on with our lives!


Kenny and Jamie Garrett said...

Great news! Congratulations to you guys! Where exactly are you guys living? We are moving to Tooele this weekend cause Kenny got a job at URS in Stockton and he starts on Monday. We are pretty excited. :) We are both happy to hear that Rocky got a job and that you were able to upgrade from an apartment to a townhouse. :)

The Folkman's said...

Kay! I'm so happy that everything worked out for you and Rocky!! I definitely think we should go to dinner sometime and catch up! Miss you guys... LOVE!