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Monday, June 7, 2010

Last week or so...

Even though I've been sitting in here for quite awhile, trying to find job openings in the area/western part of the country, I figured I'd drop a line or two.

Well, we're still 'bopping.' I know it's really tough out there for everyone and we could be worse off. It's just crazy to think we've been graduated for over a year now and when all your big plans for after obtaining your education go up in smoke, it's just amazing how we're still afloat. I know someday things will work out. Patience will be a new virtue for me that's for sure. Just a little stability would be fantastic.

Well, I'll quite boo-hooing. That's not really my intention, it's just more voicing it and trying not to let it get to me. Anyways, our friends Robert and Tara and their two fun kids, Kolby and Tanya came up to the area and were able to visit us! We stayed up way late playing games and went to the zoo the next day. Rocky wasn't able to come but I brought him back some handmade specialty chocolate with peanut butter in it. We ate at Red Robin before they left and had a great time with them! We're so happy they came to the Ward Christmas Party!!! :) And I'll post pictures later, again! I just really don't feel like uploading pictures at the moment.

On May 25th, Rocky's grandpa Jones passed away. His funeral was on June 1st and it was a very nice service. Rocky'd kill me if he knew I was writing this but it was, I don't know how to explain it but, crazy to see my laid-back-i-don't-let-stuff-get-to-me husband get a little emotional and drop a tear or two (I don't think I saw more than that). Even though it's part of life and sad, we know his grandpa's doing so much better now.

Court's birthday was on June 1st and we just wanted to make sure he got told Happy Birthday and that we hope he has many happy birthdays to come.

Let's see, I helped move cows out at home last Wednesday and Thursday. It was originally supposed to be Tuesday and Wednesday but it got postponed. My dad told me it was because the good Lord thought he should come hear his girl sing (I sang at the funeral). Anyways, the first day wasn't too bad other than there weren't any fences to keep the cows out of the potato field or alfalfa field right across from it. We'd push them out of the potato field and instead of going up the road, they'd go into the alfalfa field. Then we'd push them out of that field, they'd go back into the potato field. They were just zigzagging instead of being good little cows and walking up the road. Yeah right, I know. It didn't take too long though; we'd started at 7ish and got done at 11.
The next day it was a little chilly. I had to wear my hood majority of the time so I wouldn't get an earache. When we first got there, we noticed some baby owls in a tree. They were little fluffballs. They looked like they were covered in snowflakes because you could see some of the color underneath the fluff. It seemed to take longer because half the cows went into a different field and half of us kept pushing the rest of them up the street while the other half had to get them pushed out of the field and back up the road. It also seemed to take longer because we ended up pushing them further than originally planned, but it made it so they could stay in one place longer.
My sister Amber had to be down south by 2 so at 12:something me, my mom, Amber and Varcy left to go get ready. When we got home, one of the tires on the trailer was completely shredded! I have no idea how we made it home without something crazy or tragic happening. We had 3 horses in the trailer! It was insane! Got pictures of that too.
So anyways, made it down for Amber to help with her summer ball team's softball tryouts and Varcy and I worked on a few catching and grounder basics. Then Rocky met up with us and we went to Garcia's Mexican Restaurant! Oh it's SO good!! Definitely recommend it if you haven't been there!!! I got the Southwestern Enchiladas and Rocky got Poco Chimichangas with a Tamale on the side as always. :) Varcy got Mini Chimis and Tacos and Mom and Amber shared a Grande plate of some sort. I can't remember the name of it but it had an assortment of things. For dessert, we shared Mini Chocolate Chimis with ice cream and they were yummy! Then we went to the mall.

Well, I'm starving now so I'm gonna go. Hopefully I'll have some job news soon! And I think I'll promise to post pictures next time! haha, but we'll see! Byes!

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Kenny and Jamie Garrett said...

Your second paragraph describes our life and my feelings exactly! We've both been graduated for a year now and we both had big plans to go out and get jobs, telling everyone that both our degrees would get us jobs right off. And here we are, still in Pocatello, vigorously applying for jobs (well Kenny is, I'm just waiting to see where he gets a job before I apply anywhere). It's funny how you think that everything will be okay/better once you graduate, then your dreams are crushed by the economy. I hope the best for you guys and I'm glad you got a little fun in with your friends!