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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reggie at 8 Months

Wow! To say time is flying is an understatement! Our Reggie girl is growing and learning so fast! I have so many little things I need to write down so that I can hopefully remember these fun moments of her.

I thought I'd start something like this to document her stats - Thanks Kaleena M. :)

Age: 8 1/2 Months
Diaper Size: 3. She's been in these for awhile because we were having lots of blow outs in the 2s.
Clothing Size: 6-9  M. mostly, she can wear a few 3-6 things [sweats, jackets] and also a few 12 M. things
Number of Teeth: 0. She's contantly chewing on everything
Favorite Foods: Ham, Pineapple and Rice Combo; Squash; Sweet Potato
Favorite Non-Food items: Paper, cardboard, and napkins. If she's fussy, all we have to do is hand her a piece of paper or napkin. She loves to put these things in her mouth. Hey, whatever works sometimes. :)
Favorite Toys: Dad's Ninja Turtles from when he was a kid. If the turtles are in a pile for her to choose from, she'll pick up a turtle.
Favorite Books: Any that we read to her. She likes to pull out the books in her little "library bin" to look and knaw on them. She is starting to figure out how to turn the pages. When she plays with her books, she tries to open them and usually succeeds.
Favorite Snacks: Her ultimate favorite is the Gerber Graduates Veggie Dip "Cheetos!" She absolutely loves 'em! She also likes: Sweet Potato, Peach, and Cherry Puffs. We recently bought Waffle Wheels in Banana Cream flavor which has been a good buy as well.
Favorite Drink: 50-50 juice and water. We usually use white grape.
Bathtime: She loves to play in the water. She is an excellant kicker/swimmer. It really looks like we have a future swimmer! When she gets out of the tub and I lay her down to get her ready for bed, she cries. She does NOT like to lay down to let me put on her diaper or her clothes. She doesn't like to put on clothes. She's also figured out how to roll over in the tub and keep her head up and out of the water. She's just really not liking laying down. I think she knows laying down is usually for sleep.

Latest Tricks:
Crawling: Yes; all over and getting into everything! It's funny!
Walking: Sort of; she leans against walls, couches, chairs, cupboards, etc. and uses them to get around. If she can use a something to help her walk around, she will do that over crawling.
Getting herself off the couch: If she's laying down, usually when I'm changing her, she'll roll over and inch herself off the couch. She's getting pretty good at it so that she doesn't fall backwards.

*She's a pro at using a sippy cup! She loves her juice but we refer to it as a "drink."
* She can blow raspberries and she does it constantly.
* She likes to take her clothes off. When we are getting her ready for her bath, we leave her tops/onesies on top of her head and she pulls them the rest of the way off. Now she's gotten to a point where she can almost take them off when they are at her neck.

  • "Mama"- first word! :) It's starting to sound more like she's actually saying Mom.
  • "Nine-nine-nine"-just babbles, she's not actually meaning the number 9. Since she's almost 9 months old, we ask her, "Is that how old you are? 9 ? 9 Months?" I'm starting to think it means "Night-night" more than anything. :)
  • "Dada": she JUST started saying it this week so I was pretty excited. I kept calling Rocky when she was saying it so he could hear it. It never worked on the phone because she'd stop and smile as soon as she heard the ringing.
Cute little things and details:
* I love it when she raises her eyebrows! SO CUTE!
* She has a "gummer" smile-it's like a straight line/square/goofy smile sometimes her mouth is closed, sometimes her gums are showing. It's the funniest thing!
* Her rolls! Oh they're so cute!! I'm sure I've said this already but I never understood the expression of people saying kids were so cute they just wanted to eat 'em! I totally get it now! :)
* She sucks on her upper lip by using her tongue to cover it. It's so funny!
* When she's tired, she plays with her ears. When she first started doing this, I thought the worst - ear infection. Since she doesn't cry or play with her ears constantly, I've figured it's just another one of her tired cues.

  • Reggie girl
  • Baby
  • Reg-zilla
  • Reg
  • Boog
  • Booger/Goober
  • Monster
  • Sweetheart
  • Pretty Baby
  • Reggie-meister
  • Destructor
  • Kando [Grandpa Neal's Nickname for her]
Songs we (I) sing to her
  • "Reggie" to the tune "Sherry" by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons
  • "Rockin' Reggie" to the tune "Rockin' Robin" [I'm sure that was obvious :) ]
  • "Pretty Little Reggie" made up by me to my own tune. :)
We are also moving onto 3rd Foods and going to start giving her more opportunities to feed herself her meals instead of just her snacks so things are about to get real messy! I'm sure it will be just as entertaining! :)

I got the pin out of the door hinge!

1 comment:

Kaleena Moulton said...

I still can't get over seeing a mini Rocky :) I think I will have to continue through my pregnancy questions and do what you just did after the baby is here. Good idea :)